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Wednesday 5th February 2014

To hold Insurer's Funds

Now capable of holding Insurer's Funds for settlement of...

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Wednesday 5th June 2013

Sean Gates to pursue other opportunities in the aviation industry

Sean Gates, one of the principal shareholders of Securus...

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Completion Services

…finalising the transaction

To complete the transaction, typically the parties will notify Securus that they are ready to complete. Securus will confirm to both parties that it is holding the agreed documentation and will confirm the condition of the documentation. Securus will then confirm the amount of funds it is holding. All being in order, the parties can meet in person or by way of telephone conference facilities on an agreed date and time for the Closing Call.

During the Closing Call, Securus will be asked to confirm it has the requisite documents and purchase monies. Each party will instruct Securus to release and the transaction can conclude. It is essential to note that this will usually signify that title to the transaction has then completed and the aircraft has been sold.

It is imperative both sides take professional legal, tax and insurance advice before this stage.

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