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Wednesday 5th February 2014

To hold Insurer's Funds

Now capable of holding Insurer's Funds for settlement of...

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Wednesday 5th June 2013

Sean Gates to pursue other opportunities in the aviation industry

Sean Gates, one of the principal shareholders of Securus...

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Escrow Services

…retaining and managing of the escrow account

In the initial stages of a transaction the relevant parties agree to appoint Securus. The first part of the process will normally be to lodge a deposit against the aircraft with Securus. This is held according to the terms agreed between the buyer and seller.  As the transaction progresses and the parties move towards completion, the buyer (or its financier) will lodge the balance of the purchase price with Securus.

The funds may be deposited into a designated escrow account. All our accounts are held with rated and secure internationally established financial institutions. Our main branch is in London, United Kingdom and we offer sterling, dollar and euro accounts.

Whilst funds are being deposited, concurrently the seller will deposit the necessary aircraft title documents with the escrow agent. Usually this will involve a deposit of a properly executed (but undated) bill of sale transferring title to the aircraft, from the seller to the purchaser.

If the seller has financed the aircraft and liens or charges exist on the aircraft, the seller's bank will be called on to submit any necessary documentation to release its liens simultaneously with completion of the transaction.

On completion of the transaction, each party will instruct Securus to release the documents and the funds and the transaction can conclude.

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