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Wednesday 5th February 2014

To hold Insurer's Funds

Now capable of holding Insurer's Funds for settlement of...

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Wednesday 5th June 2013

Sean Gates to pursue other opportunities in the aviation industry

Sean Gates, one of the principal shareholders of Securus...

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Escrow Services - How Securus works

Acting as an independent third party, the role of Securus as escrow agent is to coordinate with the purchaser, seller, brokers, auditors and any financial lending institutions involved with the transaction.

Securus takes possession of the two most important aspects of the transaction, typically the title transfer documents, and the purchase monies, then holds them on trust for both sides in accordance with agreed principles. When the parties are ready to complete the transaction, Securus will facilitate a seamless transition of these essential elements from buyer to seller and vice versa. Our services include -

Escrow Services

…retaining and managing of the escrow account

In the initial stages of a transaction the...

Process Agent Services

…acceptance and distribution of documents to designated recipient

The process agency...

Completion Services

…finalising the transaction

To complete the transaction, typically the parties will notify...

Quick Contact

Quick Contact Quick Contact

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